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I’ve worked at Funnel Clarity, a sales training firm in D.C. for over three years. My experience has been vaguely reminiscent of a startup: I’ve worn several hats and had the luxury of seeing the moving parts that make business work from up close. However, due to the mature industry and nature of the product, it has been devoid of one stereotypical element of the start up environment--instability. This has meant that my work has shifted, naturally, in response to the needs of the company, but also according to my interests.

My duties have consisted of:

  • executing an entire rebrand of the company (including the company name, logo, style guide, etc.)
  • designing and building (and re-designing, and re-building…) the website
  • product design
  • designing client deliverables
  • making sales tools
  • writing and editing marketing content
  • filming and editing video
  • creating animations in after effects
  • planning drip campaigns to segmented audiences
  • writing, designing and sending marketing emails
  • event management and coordination

I never anticipated or expected to get involved with the sales industry in any capacity, but I’ve learned a lot along the way, especially about sales, one of the most ubiquitous and indispensable (or unavoidable depending on how you look at it) parts of business. I’ve also developed a lot of what designers often refer to as ‘soft skills.’

Things like:

  • managing stakeholders
  • working with non-designers
  • advocating for the role of design
  • giving presentations
  • making collaborative timelines that incorporate every stage of a project

All of which are experiences and abilities that make it easier for me to deliver results on a wide range of projects in various capacities, whether as an independent consultant or a member of your team.

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